The Copywriter: Why Hire One?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Too many business owners underestimate the value of a professional copywriter to their company, while others frequently ask, "What the heck is a copywriter, anyway?" A copywriter is someone who has the skills and facility, if not precision, with language to market most effectively a business (or a brand), a product, or services, resulting in increased profitability. Let's face it--not everyone possesses writing talent! Effectively written web copy, business brochures, product descriptions--or even professional profiles--can impact a businesses' (or a professional's) bottom line, especially since people evaluate the professionalism of companies and their CEOs/founders based primarily on their presentation. A business' (or a professional's) presentation primarily relies upon the skillful use of language, coupled with well-chosen imagery, designed to buttress its image, the content of its website, its company brochure, or its product descriptions. Wise business owners know the value of utilizing effective communication strategies to showcase their brand, services, and/or products, while leaders and other public figures utilize communication strategies to influence public opinion, if not raise awareness about and support for social movements, thereby leading to a certain course of action.

A talented copywriter provides the key to successful business, product, services--or even professional image--marketing because it's not enough to have a colorful, intriguing piece of abstract artwork, a gifted musical ensemble, an interesting memoir, or outstanding credentials alone. The copywriter--that is, the communications strategist--presents products, services, and even professional skills in such a way that the buyer (or employer) is compelled to make an investment in what they ultimately have come to see the true value of. So, in essence, the copywriter can bring about an epiphany, so much so that the buyer views the same product that he or she has been mulling over for months as something that he or she suddenly cannot live without. The copywriter compels the homeowner to realize that Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" introduce the perfect and necessary beauty and tranquility that's been missing from their home; the copywriter compels the hardworking professional couple to see that they cannot endure another weekend without enjoying the satisfying ambience of a awe-inspiring jazz performance at a local, intimate venue; and the copywriter compels the female professional to see that her little black dress won't make a statement impression--without that colorful, eye-catching mini clutch, infusing just the right touch of class to her attire--at the evening cocktail party!

Indeed, a business, if not a public figure, is only as valuable (or as influential) as its (his or her) reputation. And, it's reputation, to a large extent, rests not only upon the quality of its goods and services, but also upon its image, based on a carefully crafted narrative--that is, through language, through words. When a business is not in command of its own narrative, its competitors most certainly are. In some instances, a business' image and that of its owner (or CEO) are synonymous, particularly in the case of prominent figures, whose lifestyles, statements, and actions can positively or negatively impact their business' bottom line. Oftentimes, people support the products of, and/or the causes championed by, celebrities, sports figures, and other leaders, whose values they respect and with whom they can identify on some level. When these are no longer in tandem, a celebrity or CEO's company can experience exponential business losses. For many global icons, image is everything. For this reason, they employ copywriters, who specialize in public relations and brand marketing, on their team. Without a doubt, successful businessmen and businesswomen rely upon the talent of copywriters to shape their own narratives and thereby ensure professional and economic growth.

A skilled copywriter is cognizant of which words will have the desired impact. A skilled copywriter is cognizant of which words suit a particular purpose and/or societal climate. Furthermore, a skilled copywriter is cognizant of the most effective means of conveying a message, designed to achieve certain results. This is the value of a professional copywriter. It should not be underestimated.

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